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RATE STRUCTURE: 1 day = 24 hours. 1 week = 7 days. Month = 4 weeks.


METERED EQUIPMENT: 1 day = 10 hours. 1 week = 50 hours. 1 month = 200 hours.


OVERTIME RATES: 1/10 of total rental rate. 

Rental payment due at time of rental for period desired. Unless there is a charge account, then payments are due Net 30. A valid TN drivers is required for all rentals and credit card is to be put on file as a form of deposit. 

Delivery charges are based on distance traveled, size of equipment, and number of employees it takes to deliver. A-1 Equipment does not assume pick up times. It is the customer's responsibility to contact A-1 when equipment is ready for pick up. Call us for a free delivery estimate! Tables and chairs are tailgate delivery only. 

To ensure proper operation of our rental equipment, customers are responsible for any and all flat tires that occur during the duration of their rentals. Customers are also responsible to maintain equipment at manufacturer standards during the duration of their long-term rental. Contact A-1 Equipment immediately upon loss, damage, or mechanical failures. 

Customers are required to furnish qualified operators for all equipment rentals. Customers are also required to use all of equipment safety features including seat belts, lap bars, safety harnesses, etc. 

Additional policies will be discussed with A-1 Equipment upon signing of the rental contract. 

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